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Freedom of Information

Freedom of information - Can I have access to information about me?

The Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI) gives a person or their representative the right to request access to their file held by AQA Qualcare, subject to certain exemptions in the Act. It is possible to obtain copies of a file or view the original file under supervision.

How far does the information go back?

AQA Qualcare is required to keep client files for a minimum of 7 years from the last date that services were delivered. Some types of records are kept for a longer period. If a client has not received services from AQA Qualcare within this timeframe, their file may have been destroyed. The FOI Officer will advise if this is the case. 

Who can apply?

A client, a relative, friend or a legal representative can apply for information under the FOI Act. If a person other than the patient applies, AQA Qualcare must have written authorisation from the client to release the information.

If the patient is deceased, the next of kin must sign the authorisation and provide evidence that they are the next of kin.

If the client is a child, the next of kin must sign the authorisation. If a Court Order is in place, a copy of this must be provided with the FOI application.

Am I guaranteed access?

Nearly all FOI requests are straightforward and no restrictions to information are applied. In some circumstances, some information may be restricted according to the Exemptions outlined in the FOI Act. If AQA Qualcare makes a decision to restrict access to some parts of the record, applicants will be advised of this in writing and may appeal the decision.

Contact the AQA Victoria FOI Officer:

T 9489 0777

F 9482 4373