In Home Support

In Home Support

In home support with personal care includes assistance with showering, dressing, personal hygiene, meal assistance and activities of daily living. AQA Qualcare is a twenty four hour program which provides access to after hours support to ensure that services are consistent and continuous.

Our service is a leader in the provision of highly flexible options to ensure that people are able to have as much or as little involvement in the planning and ongoing management of their attendant care program as they choose. Everyone receiving a service is allocated a Service Coordinator who works in partnership with them to develop a care plan that is flexibility tailored to meet their individual needs and lifestyle choices.    The care plan is then located in the person’s home, and provides information and specific work instructions to our disability support workers.

Our Disability Support Workers receive induction, training and support to ensure that quality services are delivered into people’s homes.  This may include training that is arranged specifically to meet the needs of an individual in order to provide the most appropriate care.

The interview process for Disability Support Workers is a two step process in which we check the suitability of candidates by interviewing, reference checking and police checking them and then we introduce them to people so that they can make the final choice about who will work in their homes.  Introduction to new Disability Support Workers can also occur via a shadow shift if this is the preferred option of the individual receiving services.

People using the service also have the option to ‘Self Roster’ which provides greater flexibility around lifestyle choices.  With the permission of our Disability Support Workers they are able to have their phone numbers and make direct contact to arrange shift cover without waiting to confirm with the Service Coordinator.  Many people choose to have their Service Coordinator manage their roster, however for those with busy lifestyles ‘Self Rostering’ can be a great choice.

The safety of people receiving services and our disability support workers is very important to us.  We have developed comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety policies and procedures that are designed to ensure a safe working environment for all concerned. Our Service Coordinators receive training so that they are able to conduct safety assessments and engage the right people to develop solutions.


Anyone can make a referral to Qualcare with the permission of the individual who will receive a service.  Services are provided to people who:

  • Are aged between 18 and 65
  • Have a disability, injury or illness
  • Are funded to receive personal care at home or in the community

Referral Form

For more information contact the intake worker:

(03) 9482 4373