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Our Services

Personal care at home includes assistance with showering, dressing, personal hygiene, meal assistance and activities of daily living.

Community access support enables people to access, participate and contribute to community life.

Respite support enables family members including partners, parents and siblings to take a break from their role as a primary carer.

We are specialists in supporting people living with spinal cord injury and similar complex physical disability.

Domestic support is a valuable service for people who need a bit of a hand to maintain things at home including cleaning and meal preparation.

Personal Care Support

We can assist you with

  • Showering
  • Dressing
  • Personal hygiene
  • meals
  • Activities of daily living

Our service model includes

  • 24/7 service
  • Access to after hours support
  • Flexible options
  • Choice to be involved in planning and managing your program
  • Your personal service coordinator to partner with you to develop and manage your care plan

Support Workers

Our Disability Support Workers receive induction, training and support to ensure that you enjoy quality services in your home.  This caninclude training that is arranged specifically to meet your individual needs in order to provide the most appropriate care.

We first interview, reference check and police check Disability Support Workers and then introduce them to you fort you to have the final choice about who works in your home. According to your preference we can introduce new Disability Support Workers via a shadow shift as well.


You also have the option to ‘Self Roster’  – if you prefer – giving you greater flexibility around lifestyle choices.  With the permission of our Disability Support Workers you are able to have their phone numbers and make direct contact to arrange shift cover with your workers yourself.

While many people choose to have their Service Coordinator manage their roster, for those with busy lifestyles ‘Self Rostering’ can be a great choice.


Your safety and the safety of your workers is paramount. With this in mind, we have comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety policies and procedures designed to ensure a safe working environment for everyone. Our Service Coordinators are trained to conduct safety assessments and engage the right people for the situation.

Valerie leads a full active life with her friends and family

“Our Support workers care for us, they really do. We’re like sisters. Without them we’d be lying in bed all day.”

Community Access Support

We know that people have busy lives and therefore support to access various activities in the community is an essential service.  The level of support required varies from person to person depending on the activity; however the aim of the Qualcare service is always to ensure the quality of life and self determination of all of our clients.  Whether it’s going to a doctors appointment, getting to work, playing sport or seeing a movie we believe that it is important that people are able participate fully in activities of their choice.

Respite Support

At AQA Qualcare we recognise the importance of the valuable role unpaid Carers play in supporting people with a disability to live independently in the community.  This type of support is usually provided by family members such as partners, parents and siblings often with limited opportunities to take a break, plan for a holiday or appointment and respond to unexpected events in life such as illness.  For these reasons respite is fundamental to supporting families to maintain ongoing routines, manage life’s challenges and reduce stress levels.

Regular Planned Respite

Carers can plan a regular ongoing break which in turn means that they can plan what they will do during this time each week.  These programs provide regular, frequent support at agreed times on a daily or weekly basis enabling the Carer to participate in community activities, appointments, work, study, leisure activities or social outings.

Flexible Respite Options

Flexible respite packages give Carers the opportunity to plan what they would like to use their respite package for without being locked in to a regular weekly time slot.  This allows Carers to plan for holidays or short breaks, attend infrequent meetings or appointments or attend a special occasion / event.

Emergency Respite

Emergency respite responds to the need for additional support at short notice arising from unforeseen, unplanned events. These events can include carer illness or injury, family emergency where a carer is called away or unable to play their usual role.

Spinal Cord Injury Specialists

AQA Victoria is a member based not-for-profit committed to imrpoving the lives of people living with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Through our specialised knowledge of the issues of life with SCI, acquired over 30 years, we have developed considerable insight and expertise in supporting people living with SCI to live fulfilling lives of their choosing. Today about half of the people we support are living with a spinal cord injury.

Our sister service Spire (www.spire.org.au) is networked with over 1300 people in the SCI community in Victoria: People with lived experience, friends and families and those who support them. Our services are backed and resourced by this wealth of community experience and knowledge

Our Disability Support Workers receive training that is tailored specifically to the needs of people with spinal injuries.  This includes manual handling, bowel and urinary care, recognising dysreflexia, skin issues and independence support.

You also have the option of receiving the peer-facilitated information and supports offered by Spire, when you sign up with us.

Domestic Support Services

Many Qualcare Disability Support Workers are also able to provide assistance with light domestic duties such cleaning floors, bathrooms and changing bed linen.  This is often a valuable service for people who have sustained an injury while they recover and also for those who just need a hand.  For more information contact out Intake Worker who will be able to advise whether we have staff available in your area.

Domestic services can be provided as part of or in addition to personal care shifts.