Personal Details

AQA Qualcare is required to confirm the suitablity of applicants to work with vulnerable clients and their ability to work legally within Australia. Failure to provide this information may affect the acceptance of your application.

If yes, you must provide proof of a valid Australian working visa.

If yes, you must provide a current police records check from that country or a mimimum of two (2) references from people who knew you while you were living in that country.

A current valid check may be no older than six months from its date of issue.


Please list times when you are available:

Qualifications and Training

Work Experience

Personal Care

Bowel Care


Health Declaration

I understand that failing to notify or hiding a pre-existing injury from AQA could result in termination of my employment and/or that injury not being eligible for future compensation claims).

Resume and other supporting documents

Please upload supporting documents including a recent copy of your resume that identifies relevant work experience, qualifications and training.


Please provide the names and contact details of at least two (2) work referees who have supervised your work. (We will not contact these references until after the interview process)

If you have lived in another country for 12 months or more in the last ten years and are unable ot provide a police records check from that country, you must provide details of two (2) character references who knew you while you were living in that country.